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Poppy is in her prime
February 10th, 2016 10:07 am
John at Jacks Garage has just sent trough some more pictures of Poppy's progress.
Poppy in her prime

She has now had all the panels welded in, welding seams smoothed down and filler adder to make her look super smooth and now she is sporting a lovely coat of grey primer.
Poppy in the daylight

On her way between the panel-beating arch and the mechanical arch, John kindly pushed her out into the daylight so that we can see what she is looking like.
Next stage is for the team to fit in a new engine, rebuilt gearbox and associated running gear before being driven back into John's arch for refitting of all of her doors and her final top coats of paint are applied.
Starting to get seriously excited now.smiley
Poppy is such a smooth operator
February 4th, 2016 4:34 pm
More photos have been sent to us by John at Jacks Garage of Poppy's progress.
welding seams smoothed down at the rear of poppy
All of the body panels are in place and the boys in the panel-beaters arch are just starting to smooth down the welding seams and apply filler to remove all teh small imperfections in her panels.
Poppy looking smooth from the side
She is starting to look smoother than a newborns skin (although when I was born I looked a bit like the Michelin Man so I am not 100% sure how smooth that really is!!!!
Drivers side smoothed down

John estimates that by Valentines weekend she should be primed and ready for the boys in the mechanical arches to start fitting her new mechanics in place.  Who needs a Valentines card or flowers when you get news like that?
Poppy is starting to look like a campervan again
January 20th, 2016 2:01 pm
John and his team of panel-beaters at jacks garage have returned after Christmas to start the final push on Poppy in terms of the bodywork.
Rear quarter in place

There is still a lot of work to dlo to get her panels looking like they have just come out of the factory, but the boys are working hard on her.
New rear sections are now in place, and all the floor pans are done, Nw doors have been fitted along with a new complete front section, she currently reminds me of a Jigsaw puzzle or the after results of a night on the slab with Dr Frankenstein.

She will look amazing when John has finished his work and hands her over to Viadas and the mechanical team.
Poppy's Back in the Bodyshop....
December 14th, 2015 4:00 pm
We received a call from John at Jacks Garage today to let us know that they have cleared enough jobs to be able to get Poppy back into the bodyshop and they will be starting to remove more of the old metal and replace it with new panels and metal.
Poppy from underneath

What a lovely surprise just in time for Christmas although I am now worried as the interior has been sitting in warm storage since we collected it and I may have to start doing some work soon.

Poppy with an repaired fron chassis rail
I guess, first things first I need to go for a Christmas drink with the boys from Jacks, although I am concerned as a drink with any garage is like going to a good wedding in Newcastle, there will be fisticuffs....
What's happening with Poppy?
September 25th, 2015 9:20 pm
Due to the volume of work in the queue at Jacks Garage at the moment, we have made an agreement with the bodyshop to put Poppy on hold for a few months whilst they order in the parts needed to complete her.  She will be restarted again just before Christmas and be back ready for refitting and setting up early in 2016.
On the positive side, we have taken her interior away and we can start to refurbish the water damaged cabinets.