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First Images of Poppy on the Hoist
June 11th, 2015 4:46 pm

Poppy is in John's workshop and on the hoist for the work. One of the mechanics has sent me some photo's of Poppy as they start to cut pieces of her bodywork away.

First images of Poppy with bodywork started

First images of Poppy on the hoist

First images of Poppy on the hoist

Sadly, Poppy won't be ready until the 2016 season now! 

I have a plan
May 20th, 2015 4:22 pm

John is all excited, he has a plan for Poppy and I have popped into Jacks to discuss it.

John, Viadas and Joseph meet me in the office to discuss the plan.

Joseph starts the conversation by offering me Coffee from his new Coffee machine, I think he is quite proud of it as he goes into salesman pitch on all the functions and types of Coffee he can make with it.. reminds me of the famous scene in "From Dusk Till Dawn" where the guy outside the T' Twister club does his monolog to attract people in "we've got white coffee, black coffee, Cappuccino coffee, Espresso coffee...." 

Joseph then mentions the Summer BBQ - this year destined for the 4th July, which is where John's idea comes to life.

"What I want to do is have your Camper in the workshop for the BBQ" Says John

Viadas smiles at this as I think he knows what is coming next

John Continues with "and then we can do a masterclass in welding for people attending the BBQ"  Joseph does something akin to projectile vomiting with his half drunk coffee at this point and starts to explain to John how dangerous that would be letting people fuelled with drink loose with welding tools....

John and Viadas laugh at this and Joseph realises that they have been yanking his chain...

John however is serious about getting Poppy on the hoist for the BBQ to show people the sort of work he does, I agree with him as she is possible one of the biggest jobs they have undertaken.

Joseph goes back to his coffee machine and starts the monolog again "We've got white coffee...." he seems very proud of it and I wonder how long it will last before it is broken.

Where is Poppy in the Queue - Part 2
March 25th, 2015 4:04 pm

I have a strange feeling Poppy won't be ready as soon as we expect, I popped into Jacks garage to get one of the other campers serviced and had a conversation with John.

It goes along these lines

"Are we still on for the start of the season John ? " 

 "She is 2nd in the queue" replies John, "Behind John's and Ringo's"

"Hang on"  I say "she was second behind two other people a month ago" 

"Ahh" says John "we have had a few smaller urgent jobs that have come in" 

It appears that the queue is flexible depending on the urgency of the job and also the size of the project. It's worked in our favor before when we have had urgent body work to do so I can't complain.

I did some rough estimates in my head, with the work not starting for the duration of the other 2 campers, and an estimate of 2 months to do all of the panel beating and respray plus 2-4 weeks more for the mechanical work, it is starting to become clear that it isn't going to be viable for the 2015 hire season.


New Seats
February 27th, 2015 11:00 am
As Poppy and Moneypenny have the same internal layout, we made a decision that whilst Gary Mynard at Auto Lounge makes new seat cushions and seats for Moneypenny, that it would also make sense to do the same for Poppy using Moneypenny as a template.

We picked the new cushions up today and to show what they look like here is a photo taken inside Moneypenny.

Image of Moneypenny's rear seats

Poppy is going to look lovely inside.
Where is Poppy in the Queue - Part 1
February 2nd, 2015 5:00 pm
During a recent visit to Jacks Garage to drop off Moneypenny's rear cushions and seats for recovering I had a conversation with John concerning where Poppy is in the Queue

It went something like this
"Hi John - how are things and when will you start on the van"

"she is 2nd in the queue" replies John, "Behind Mary's and Peter's"

"So when can you start her" I ask 

"Soon" says John 

I suspect that Easter may well now be hard to achieve for the full rebuild, but as John said last year there is a queue...