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It is starting to look like a gangster movie now
February 22nd, 2016 3:43 pm     A+ | a-
Whilst the boys at Jacks Garage are working hard to get Poppy's body work and mechanics ready, we have started to repair and refurbish the internal cabinets back at the office.

Why would anyone apply a pink carpet ?

It is sad to see that her origonal Moonraker interior has suffered over the past 44 years, with some delightful pink carpet applied to the rear seat (no it's a mystery to us as well) and some of the veneer has suffered over the years.  Thanks to SL Hardwoods we have managed to get a new set of Oak Quarter cut veneers to repair the damage and also some rather amazing impact adhesive (so far I have amanged to stick myself to the floor a total of two times over the weekend,)
Rear seat unit, old veneer removed and repaired
The funniest thing is that in order to protect the floors in the office, we have laid plastic sheeting all over them and it feels like we have just got ready for a gangster style hit on someone (apart from the walls are uncovered for the moment)
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