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Campervan Hire for everyone


November 17th, 2014 10:04 am     A+ | a-
The estimate is in and the moment of truth is upon us, is it cheaper to buy a good quality campervan and finish it off or start from scratch?

Based on the costs for Moneypenny, who was in very good condition when we bought her, but still required some tidy-up work, a new engine, new pop top bellows, new curtains, seat covers and various other small things vs. a full ground up rebuild the costs are fairly close.

It's going to cost slightly more to do the full rebuild (including the purchase price) but the upside is by replacing the rotting panels and having her brought back to fresh off the factory floor condition will pay dividends in the long run as we won't need to do any body work (baring accidents) for a good few years.

A good cup of coffee later and some work with a spreadsheet has resulted in the call to Jacks Garage "Yes - book her in for the works"

Now - where did I put the bank managers private number and which brand of champagne did she like again.....

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