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how long will this all take?
December 17th, 2014 1:00 pm     A+ | a-
Today John and I met up for a discussion concerning when he can start Poppy and how long it will all take to do.

John asked when we would like her back, our response is simple, ideally before the start of the 2015 season.

There is is a long pause as John consults his master book, the one where every van that he has ever worked on and future work is done is consulted....

"There are a few people ahead of you" he says
"How many?" I ask
"quite a few, at least 6 rebuilds plus other minor work to be done" he replies, "Let's see what we can do and hopefully it will be before Easter"
I look at him and gently enquire "Which Easter?" this results in laughter around the workshop as everyone knows that their schedule is already brutal but as we consider John and his team the best VW panel beaters in London it's no wonder that their good reputation is causing a slight queue to build.

I then go and sit with Viadas to discuss the mechanical side of Poppy's rebuild.
"what do you need as a minimum?" he asks
"simple" I reply "A new off the production line engine, full overhaul of the steering and suspension and a rebuild of the gearbox as required"
"that is simple" he laughs, "everything replaced or rebuilt, and as an option whilst the gearbox is out do you want me to fit overdrive to it to give better fuel economy?"
we agree to the overdrive and also the rest of the mechanical side of the rebuild, which will be done once John finishes the body work.  He then offers me a cup of coffee and opens another packet of biscuits... a sign that a deal has been reached and the price is going to hurt my bank balance, but let us be honest, she will be worth it.
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