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Christmas Lunch
December 20th, 2014 10:44 am     A+ | a-
Today Joseph has decided to host a Christmas lunch for his staff, and strangely we got an invite to it as well.

Joseph is a very generous person who likes to look after his team and he has decided to take everyone to the local Turkish restaurant and then down to the local pub after for a few drinks to celebrate Christmas.

When I ask Joseph why he has invited us to the event, he smiles and says that he likes to look after his big customers, that now worries me, am I spending that much with them? I suppose as I now have 4 campers in the fleet plus a private campervan as well that Dub Dub and Away must represent a fairly large customer for Jacks Garage.

A few other customers and supplies join us in the restaurant and the food starts arriving. It is a good lunch and the discussions and jokes fly around the room. It's a nice gesture by Joseph and well received by all.

After eating, we all traipse off to a local pub and after a few rounds of beer and wine things start to get dangerous. The younger mainly Spanish  mechanics and panel beaters start to order shooters between each round, it may well be an age thing but I just can't keep up with them but surprise them at the same time by doing Tequila as my shooter rather than Jägerbombs.

It takes three rounds before I decide that it may be safer to retire and leave the boys to it, a wise move I think.
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